Mills have stood on the banks of Melltorp stream since the 17th century. Before 1850 there were five watermills that were demolished to make way for the present Melltorp Mill.

Melltorp Mill was built in the 1850s by local farmers who owned it jointly. A large waterwheel was installed at the same time. The saw mill was also run by water power. The waterwheel was replaced by turbines at a later date.

Saw Mill Foreman Hans Johansson is the fourth generation at Melltorp Mill and Saw Mill. His grandfather Algot Johansson ran Melltorp Mill and Saw Mill from 1918 until 1954 together with his sons Alf and Stig. The mills were then at their peak with a steady stream of horse and carts delivering grain and timber.

Hans' father Stig Johansson was Hyssna's last active miller. He stopped making flour in 1981 but continued to run the saw mill with his sons. Following the financial crisis of the early 90s, all the jobs disappeared when the woodturning industry was wiped out.
In 1999, Hans and his wife Catharina purchased the dilapidated mill and saw mill. They saw opportunities in new activities.

After many years of renovation they opened a summer café in 2002. In the early days nobody took the couple's concept of rural tourism seriously. But Hans and Catharina continued to develop the business,
and won the 2010 Swedish Rural Company of the Year Award for their mill guesthouse venture.
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